The Problem of Sagging Beams is Really Serious and Needs Professionals To Cure The Condition

Sagging beams are a problem that is seen mostly in old houses that are hundreds of years old. When you ignore this condition you are welcoming more problems in your house. It is important to know the case of this condition and also how to avoid sagging floors. Over time it is seen that the beams that supports the floors of your house starts rutting slowly. This causes the beams to sag and lose support that results the floors to sag and become weak. The prime reason for sagging floors is structural damage of the house which can be treated by specialists. Foundation repairs must be done at all cost as quick as possible so that the house does not get into serious damage.

When the foundation of the house is not made well the beams do not get enough support to stand throughout. As a result, they keep sinking in. Termite infestation is another cause that makes the beams sag. Beams that are made of wood also get rot. Water leak in the basement of the building makes the foundation weak and results in rotting. Water must be kept away from accumulating in the basement at all cost. Water is the prime reason that causes a number of structural damage in houses and buildings. Soil in which you have installed your beams also matters a lot. Organic soil that has volumes of organic matter changes its texture in some years and reduces in volume. This sudden change in the soil misbalances the foundation of the beam. The condition can be dangerous for the inmates of the house when the beams do not have a good stand in the soil. But it doesn’t happen as the builders create the foundation of a house by keeping all these things in mind. Sagging beams is also a result of improperly installed joists.

The cost of foundation repairs to rectify sloping floors is quite high that is the reason why it is sensible to avoid any such conditions that may cause the beams to sag. You have to be careful in selecting the right structural damage specialist for the task. It has been seen many times that local carpenters agree for the job only because of the hefty fees that they will get. They do not have much experience in curing the beams but they are unable to provide a permanent solution. As a result, when local carpenters will complete the task after few months you will find the sagging condition come back again. The company that you choose for correcting structural damage must have good experience in the field. An expert knows very well how to correct damages in the house and will complete the task professionally. Generally, it takes around a few weeks to correct drooping floors by providing good support to the walls and joists. Reputed foundation repairs companies have enough experience and know how to go about it. The problem of Sagging beams is really serious and needs professionals to cure the condition.

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Foundation Repairs – It’s Better to Make Them Sooner Rather Than Later

Structural damage is a dangerous situation as there is a serious threat to the building where you are dwelling. Damage in the structure of the building must not be ignored in any case. Though small foundation repairs can be done at home yet there are cases where calling specialists is necessary. The cases of damage may be mild or severe and both the cases demands specialists that finds out the root of the problem and then fix it. In most cases, damage in the structure of the building is internal and cannot be detected. But as time passes, there are many signs that make you learn that the condition of the building is getting worse. There may be mild crack here and there on the walls or floor and the owners ignore them. No matter how small the crack is it may lead to something severe if ignore. It is also seen many a times that the cracks that look fine on the top layer are deeper inside the walls or floor.

If not treated on time, the walls or roofs may collapse anytime causing harm to man and property. In many houses it is seen that water is the main source of damage caused to the properties. This is because water can seep in through tiny cracks a through wall and tiles and then create severe problems. It can be really expensive to call structural damage specialist to restore the good condition of the house but many people do not consider it and try to do the foundation repairs themselves. In many cases the problem is not resolves even then and the condition of the house worsens.

Buying a house is not something that you can do frequently as it is extremely expensive. But the damage in the structure ruins the entire foundation of the building and thus the fortune that you have spent on it also goes down the drain. If you spend some amount of money to pay the water damage specialist and restore the damage then your house will be as new as before and will last longer. Houses on hilly areas accumulate water in the basement which results in a lot of other problems and weakens the foundation of the house slowly. Foundation repairs in this case are essential and must be done as soon as the problem is diagnosed.

Cinder blocks at the basement of the house can crack or fall apart soon if water is accumulated for long. The bricks and cement also gets affected severely when there is a damp on the wall of the house. Bad odor in the house is a sign of damage and must not be ignored. Even if any crack is spotted on the outer walls or floors of the house it will take no time to reach the interior too. Calling a structural damage specialist becomes necessary even if there is a small damage in the house as you never know how big the damage can turn into.

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What You Need to Know About Basement Cracks and Repairs

It is very likely for concrete walls or foundations to get cracks all over them. When even a single crack appears on the wall water slowly starts seeping in. This is a very dangerous situation when the condition is not stopped on time. The basement and the structure of the building thus start getting weaker day by day when the water is not stopped on time. Epoxy injection here works as a savior for your walls and prevent further damage. It is used to stop water seeping in the cracks and also to mend the cracks. It is generally seen that when a crack on the wall is left unattended it tends to increase. As a result, after several days there are chances of the wall to collapse.

Why Concrete Crack Occurs?

When concrete cures slowly it tends to shrink to some extent. When the curing takes place the content of water inside the concrete also disappears slowly as a result, it becomes extremely dry. The drying out of concrete causes stress and in order to get rid of it the cracks appear. A small crack is enough to allow water to percolate inside it. Sometimes no one understands that water is seeping inside until there are visual signs of damage. Structural damage results from these small crevices that take a big form when not treated. Another reason may be when the house is already damaged structurally. Houses located on hill side are most susceptible to this. A later force is seen in old houses that makes the walls bow down.

Detect Structural Crack

Before taking any step to treat the crack you need to know the exact reason that made the crack appear on the wall. When you know the exact reason deciding upon the plan of action becomes very easy. When the crack on your wall is diagonal it is due to structural damage. If you see a crack on your foundation wall running in the horizontal direction then it is time for you to take quick action as something serious may happen. The width of the crack when increases day by day it is also a dangerous situation. When you leave it untreated it will keep becoming wide. The width must not increase more than ¾”. If it does, you must not wait a minute to give epoxy injection. If you cannot detect anything properly and are not sure about how to go about it then you must call a professional and fix the problem.

Fixing the Crack

Cracks are dangerous for your wall whatever the reason for its occurrence is epoxy injection is the best cure. Call an experienced structural damage expert to come and fix the problem. They will bring the injection with them and restore the structural damage in the best possible way. Epoxy is inserted in the wall through an injection that is used by professionals. This fills up all the cracks firmly and does not allow any water to seep in any further.

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Benefits of Window Well System

Window well systems are small retaining walls made of metal or masonry which is built around the basement windows to hold earth away from the windows. A window well system will let natural day light into your otherwise dark basement.

The main advantage of having a window well system installed is to have natural light enter your basement. Natural light always brightens up any room and being the basement, it needs as much natural light as it can get. However, improperly installed window well system can cause leakage and seepage on your basement and unwanted visitors like little critters.

Installing a window well system requires a professional touch because if done incorrectly, it can give you headaches. In the past, galvanized steel barriers are used in window well system. The barrier is open at the top to let natural light and open at the bottom to let the water out during rain and snow melt. The open top allows debris to enter as well as little critters like raccoons and squirrels. Weeds can also grow at the bottom of the window well. The galvanized steel that most window well system uses can rust and become dark.

However, present window well system prevents problems caused by traditional window wells through modern innovative ideas. The first one is using a clear and durable window well cover to let the light in and keep the dirt and critters out. The galvanized steel barrier is replaced by a durable poly-carbonate barrier that will not rust. The new window well system is fully enclosed including the bottom so no weeds can grow. It also has a specially-designed wall and bottom that will reflect as much natural light as possible into your basement. Other window well system offers window wells that are adjustable to fit any depth of window as well as meet the building code specifications for safe emergency exit from your basement. Scenic liners are also available which can be attached to the barrier. The liner is made of durable weatherproof and waterproof styrene which can hold its shape in hot or cold weather. It’s easy to roll the scene into the window well and attach it right on the barrier. Since the image is curved, you get an awesome, 3-D effect when you view it. Now that you have this scenic backdrop, you can decorate the foreground any way you want. You can finish it simply with river rock or other landscape materials.

Another type of window well system uses masonry instead of the poly-carbonate barrier. This type of window well system has its own appeal. You can design the masonry window well wall to be terraced and you can even place some potted plants on it or just plain garden stones and pebbles. Window well cover for this system is also available.

Installing a window well system in your basement adds more appeal to your basement making it more appealing and you can use the basement for any purpose that you want.

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Foundation Repairs – How to Recognize When Your Home Needs It

Foundation repairs can’t be ignored because the foundation of your house is the very thing that holds your house together. Once you notice cracks or water leaks on the basement, then you may be having a foundation problem. Foundation problems are a very serious situations and needs to be attended to immediately. Foundation problems can be cracking, sinking, bowing or shifting and these can put your entire house at risk. You have to do foundation repairs immediately.  Cracks and other damage can look unattractive, reduce the overall value of your home and lead to more serious structural problems. Steps can be taken to fix foundations to maintain the quality and value of most homes.

When you do have foundation repairs to done, it is very wise to contact a reliable and expert foundation inspector. This person can be a civil engineer, structural engineer or a certified foundation repair contractor. These foundation repairs experts can diagnose your problem correctly and can give logical advice on what should be done. They will inspect your house, so that they can analyze the full extent of your foundation problems and the corresponding foundation repairs to be done. Foundation repair is critical to address as soon as you suspect a problem.  The sooner you fix a failing foundation, the less damage it will cause.

There are many methods of foundation repairs and each method is geared to correcting certain foundation issue. Foundation repairs are methods of underpinning or shoring a failed foundation due to unexpected forces. Using designed and engineered foundation repair products can reposition your foundation to originally designed tolerances. These foundation repairs use products that can be used to lift a structure or products that can support your foundation by changing the load bearing points of your foundation. Foundation repairs methods use surrounding load bearing soils to support your home’s foundation.

For some homeowners, foundation repairs are a necessary evil when their home has setting or heaving problems. The main reason is the cost of the foundation repairs. Fly-by-night foundation repairs contractors offer low prices. Quality foundation repair contractors have years of experience and a host of quality products and employees at their disposal and can apply the best solution to your homes unique situation. The bad contractors base their business on price and convenience. No thought is given to the real factors involved with structurally stabilizing a basement or foundation.

The cost of home foundation repairs has more to do with the long term costs verses the short term cost. Taking care of your homes foundation maintains your home’s value. Putting off home foundation repairs will always cost you more in the long run. As soon as you think that you may need foundation repairs you have to hire an expert according to your foundation problem.

Foundation repairs are usually quite expensive, but are an essential home improvement. Foundation repairs are often difficult and expensive, so it’s important to build the foundation correctly the first time.

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Get Foundation Waterproofing From the Pros

A good foundation waterproofing will and can save your biggest investment which is your house. Your house’s foundation is the most important part of your house because if anything happens to it, the whole house will be affected. There are many things that can happen to your house’s foundation but the most common is leaking. The answer to this dilemma is a good foundation waterproofing. Foundation waterproofing ensures a dry, healthy and usable basement area. Foundation waterproofing is a critical step in maintaining your home’s value and an important measure for preventing very serious damage. Usually done by professionals and is generally not recommended as a DIY project.

The first step in building a house is making and setting the foundation. Your house contractor should follow the foundation specifications to the letter so that you will have peace of mind for years to come. Many homeowners needlessly spend money due to leaking foundations. Sometimes, just dumping more dirt around the perimeter of your foundation will stop the leaking but this solution is only temporary. You must have a professional assess your foundation waterproofing problems so that in the long run, you will be assured that your leaking foundation is a thing of the past.

Foundation waterproofing systems are applied externally on the foundation walls, effectively preventing water penetration from seeping through the foundation. Foundation waterproofing is expensive and time-consuming, but handled this way; you can usually say good-bye to wet basement walls and floors. Foundation waterproofing is often confused with damp proofing. Damp proofing is a process which retards or slows water penetration into foundations.

Foundation waterproofing resists water and freeze thaw cycles enabling it to protect foundations from water seepage. That means you will not have to deal with callbacks and your builders won’t have to experience wet basement problems. A dry basement means fewer worries about mold and moisture problems that could arise from an improperly or poorly done foundation waterproofing.  According to the ICC-ES, a non-profit public benefit corporation that evaluates products and sets performance criteria for the residential building market, a good foundation waterproofing must do three things. First, it must stop water vapor. This gaseous form of water is released by the surrounding soils and can move through the foundation walls and into the basement. Secondly, foundation waterproofing membranes must be able to stop liquid water under hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the force exerted by liquid water that is in the soil. Third and most important is that foundation waterproofing must span a crack in a foundation. Foundations crack as a normal process of concrete curing and if that crack is not sealed against water intrusion, it can leak when it rains.

Most people think that foundations, by themselves, can’t be penetrated. This thinking is the reason that there are a lot of homes that are actually unsound and end up needing new foundations. Foundation waterproofing is incredibly important. Don’t skimp on it!

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Safeguard Your Home With Basement Waterproofing

One of the challenges of many homeowners is basement waterproofing. It creates a domino effect problem if not done correctly. Basement waterproofing will let you do many things in your basement with the first one having a usable basement for whatever purpose you may decide.

The best time to do basement waterproofing is when the foundation is built. Waterproofing a basement efficiently when it is first built will ensure that it will last for a long time. This is also the best time to do basement waterproofing because it’s much easier to get into small spaces before they are closed off due to constructions, such as corners and even areas where drainage pipes will be installed. If you got an old house, then you have to give the basement a very through check before deciding how to do the basement waterproofing. It will be wise to contact a professional when you do basement waterproofing so that you won’t need to do it all over again because the basement waterproofing wasn’t done correctly.

There are two ways to do basement waterproofing. These are external basement waterproofing and interior basement waterproofing. One of the common methods of external basement waterproofing is tanking. This refers to the process in which a bonding substance or membrane is applied to the outside walls of your basement.  Make sure that the tanking takes place as your home is being constructed, especially if your basement is underground. Another way of external basement waterproofing is the outside drainage system. In this method, your basement will be built in such a way that the floors of the basement slope toward your home’s sump pump. For quick removal of any moisture from your basement, a plastic honeycomb membrane is applied to the walls and floor of your basement. The French drain is also another method of external basement waterproofing.  This form of basement waterproofing is usually installed on houses that are constructed in parts of the country with heavy rainfall levels and other types of moisture-based weather. External basement waterproofing method is the only one recognized by the International Building Code as efficient enough to keep water from doing any intense structural damage to a building or home.

Interior basement waterproofing is used to keep moisture from making its way into your basement. A sealant is applied on the walls and floor of the basement so that water and moisture can’t seep through. It also keeps molds and mildew from growing. Interior Sealants aren’t technically basement waterproofing materials, but they can help you make do while you are working on other waterproofing methods. For best results, it is recommended that you do both the external and interior basement waterproofing, just to make sure.

It is important to make sure that you do basement waterproofing because your basement forms the foundation of your house and if it is not in the best condition, it can jeopardize your entire house in the long run.

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Basement Window Wells to Protect Your House

Basement window wells save a basement from being dreary. It also lets natural light and air enters the basement. Basement window wells protect the basement windows from getting broken and dumped with soil and debris. It can also be decorated and custom-made to add beauty to your basement windows. In planning the entire look of your basement, don’t overlook your basement window wells because they can ruin all your basement plans.

Basement window wells, while adding beauty to the basement have also become a sort of problem because water can collect on the basement window wells. This can sometimes lead to seepage which can lead to moisture problems like molds and bad odor to the basement. This is true but only if your basement window wells are not installed properly, not planned well or sub standard. This is the only downside of basement window wells.

The beauty of basement window wells lies in its purpose of letting natural light and fresh air into the basement. With modern technology, innovative basement window wells designs have been created to suit every homeowner’s taste and budget. New basement window wells are design in such a way that it drains quickly and away from the house. Its construction materials have also been modified so that it can withstand the pressure of the surrounding ground and it does not easily crumble. Latest basement window wells have clear and durable covers to let the light in while keeping the dirt and debris out. The window well is made of tough poly-carbonate that will not rot and it is also fully enclosed including the bottom of the well so that no weeds will grow and keep the water and moisture out. The new models of basement window wells have specially designed wall and bottom that reflect as much daylight as possible into the basement. It can also be adjusted to fit any depth of basement window and meet building code specifications for safe emergency exit from the basement.

New models of basement window wells are custom-made so that you can design you window well to look like a miniature garden or any landscape that you want. You can put stones, sand and even bricks to resemble steps. You can also drape the walls of your basement window wells with poly-carbonate plastic with different designs that will compliment your basement decor. These basement window wells plastic drapes are self-adhesive so that they can stick to every corner and curve and make it look natural. Aside from the decorative window well drapes, basement window wells also come with covers. These covers prevent water and debris from entering the window well as well as little critters such as raccoons and not counting out the burglars.

Basement window wells are basement savers and have become an important part of a habitable basement space. You just have to make sure that they are installed properly and that you are using the latest innovation of basement window wells.

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